Shockingly Beautiful
Plasma Globes.

Welcome to Aurora Plasma Design

We sell the most affordable large-scale Plasma Globes on the consumer market.

At 22 inches tall and 15 inches in diameter,
our Professional-Quality Plasma Globes will blow you away.

Introducing the All-New
“Continuum Series”

The Ultimate Plasma Globe
“Junior Pro Series” Plasma Globes

Our 8-inch diameter “Junior Series” globes have been upgraded and replaced by our new “Junior Pro Series!” Almost every component of the new Junior Pro globes has been improved over the Junior Series. Including thicker hand-blown glass, redesigned electronics, and a new gloss finish, as well as added weight and large non-slip feet for improved stability.

“Magic Plasma Wands”

Discover a new and exciting way to play with your plasma globe! These “magic” plasma wands light up without any internal power source. Simply hold them close to your Aurora Plasma Design plasma globe, and the electrical field of the globe will ignite the plasma inside. The perfect accessory, and a very fun way to show off the principles of electricity.

Specials and “One of a Kind” Globes

Looking to score some savings on our professional globes? We occasionally find globes which due to small imperfections do not meet our stringent quality standards. These imperfections are minor and are typically not apparent under darkened operating conditions.

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