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“Emerald Fury Jr.”

About Our “Emerald Fury Jr.” Globes

When we started making globes back in 2008 our goal was to offer a large professional quality globe like those seen in museums at an affordable price. By 2012 we had sold quite a few purple globes on Amazon and customers seemed very happy with their purchases. We decided to copyright the name, Aurora Plasma Design, set up our own online store and expand our line of globes. We redesigned the bases, improved the electronics and developed several new gas mixtures to create the line you see today.

Over the years we had a fair number of requests for even more affordable globes that would be suitable for casual or younger plasma enthusiasts. We had nothing to offer and so we suggested that buyers go to Radio Shack, Walmart, Amazon, etc. and look for the small mass market plasma globes. We finally decided to ask our factory if they would do us a favor and make a limited run of 8" globes so we could see if there is a market for them. We wanted to offer a product that was close to the price range of the mass market globes but built to the same standards as our large professional models and have exclusive effects. The result is our new Junior Emerald Fury globe.

Junior Globe Details

The Junior Emerald Fury globe is filled with the same gas mixture as our professional Emerald Fury globe. The color and action of the plasma effects are identical to those of the larger model but at half the size and less than 1/6 of the cost something has to give. The professional model globe is 15" in diameter and rests on a 10" furniture grade wooden base for a total height of 22". The Junior model globe is 8" in diameter and is inset on a 4" plastic base for a total height of 11". Both globes react to touch but the large globe’s effects can be increased or diminished by an adjustable power switch. The Junior Emerald Fury is fixed to an optimum power level. Because of the gas mixture needed to produce green colors and the fast- paced energetic display, the globe is supplied with a 12vdc 1000ma power supply which is twice as powerful as those found in the small mass market globes. The stylish spherical plastic base is also a big step up from those found on comparably sized globes. Although we don’t recommend it, we have run several samples our junior globes 24/7 for several months to prove their longevity. We offer a limited 90 day warranty exchange period for any globe that fails under normal household usage.

“Emerald Fury Junior” Plasma Effects

Turning on the globe treats the viewer to something extraordinary in plasma effects. Rapidly flashing tendrils emanate from the center electrode forming ghostly green tree like structures. The tendrils attach themselves in a pool of whitish green extending out as a white trunk and then green branches. They dance upon the center electrode ball and then snap to a different position and continue. Trees are formed and the branches make lightning like strikes toward the glass wall. The whole globe has an eerie green fog as vivid white lightning strikes are occurring at what looks like hundreds of time a minute.

Placing fingers lightly on the glass will attract thick white bolts that dance from fingertip to fingertip. Each fingertip glows green and rays of plasma radiate out like the framework of a spider web. You will now notice that fingertips firmly placed on the glass not only attract the white lightning bolts but also collapse all of the green trees.

In short this highly energetic Emerald Fury globe is unlike anything we have done before and it stands in sharp contrast to more colorful but sedate globes. Although this Junior Emerald Fury’s effects cannot match those of its bigger brother it does offer a very satisfying display of quality plasma art at an inexpensive price.

Important Note: All of the pictures and videos on our website were taken in near darkness. The descriptions of the effects are based on observations of the globes in the same near darkness. Just as the Northern Lights cannot be seen during the day, our globe’s effects are best viewed in a darkened environment. Increasing levels of ambient light will wash out the effect colors until they almost disappear under full sunlight.

Also, please be aware that no two plasma globes are exactly alike, and there may be variations in color and effect from globe to globe. We tested and compared over a dozen of the Junior Emerald Fury globes before selecting the globes used in this presentation as the best overall examples of the series. We make every effort to photograph and present our globes as accurately as possible, but Videos and Photos on this website should be used solely as a guide to what a product should look like, not as an exact representation.

Rest assured your plasma globe will be unique and awesome! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-665-5656.


$79.99 USD

+$10 Shipping Why do we charge for shipping?

Due to variations in the manufacturing process, no two globes are exactly alike. The globe you receive will be the same or very similar to the globe shown in the above video and photos.

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Cost of Shipping

Our plasma globes are double-boxed and padded to protect them during transit. The shipping carton measures 17" x 17" x 27" and weighs approximately 17 pounds, but ships as nearly 57 pounds because of the large carton size. Due to the large size of the globes, our actual freight cost is quite high, varying from about $80–$95, depending on the distance. To help us recover part of this cost without putting the whole burden on the customer, we charge a nominal fee of $30 for each plasma globe shipped. If you believe you can save money by using your own account with a freight company, please contact us with that information.

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