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Great quality

I got this as a gift for my partner who is interested in plasma globes, but has never had one. It's much better quality than the mass manufactured ones I've encountered before. The colors are beautiful and there's lots of power to it. We love it as a bedside lamp alternative!

Great piece of electric ART

You definitely get your money's worth. These plasma globes both the large museum sized and the JR. Sized are a spectacular works of electric plasma art. Very HIGH QUALITY.

Great piece of electric ART

I received the Tyrian Purple JR plasma globe. 1st I love that it was packed very well and very simple (( no styrofoam peanuts )). Second THE QUALITY of the product and simplicity of operation. To first turn it on you see a streamer or 2 and a beautiful purple aurora to mid level a very nice purple plasma display to full on power an all out imence beutifull purple electrical storm. Wonderful product 👌 quality product and worth EVERY cent Paid 👌 ✨️ 👏 👍

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Paul N. (Deerfield, US)
Capacitive plasma field sensing tubes.

Capacitive field sensors are generally Interesting demos for kids, they stimulate wonder and questions about the science.

Genesis 15" Continuum Series Plasma Globe

Plasma globes by Aurora Plasma Design are the most technically advanced and beautifully designed plasma globes on the market. True works of art designed by artisans who have a true love of plasma physics.

The purchase of the 15" Genesis Continuum Series Plasma Globe was a dream come true. I first saw a large, possibly glass plasma globe at a biochemistry conference in California and always wanted one but could not find one that met my criteria. On the market were only cheap plastic toy globes. I came across Aurora Plasma Design and instantly knew I found what I was looking for. Make no mistake, if you want a quality, architecturally designed plasma globe, look no further.

Impressions: First off, when you unpack the plasma globe you realize what massive is ! This plasma globe will be the focal point of any room that it is displayed in.

The ebonized base is very stylish. The advanced controls within the base have a very good feel and gives precise control over power. The Blue LED on/off switch is an added feature that speaks of quality from a company that only sells the best and most affordable plasma globe on the market. A true work of art.

The colors eminating from the Tesla coil are all engaging. Green filiments/tendrils tipped in reddish-orange shoot out and as power is increased, activity follows and blue colors are seen as well as white filiments when one touches the globe. These colors are due to the rare gas mixture.

Their plasma globes are not toys but museum quality scientific instruments and should be respected as such.

In a nutshell : If you desire to have a high quality, beautifully designed plasma globe that will impress all that see it and speaks of your ability to have only the best, Aurora Plasma Design is the company to go to. Jerry and his technical staff have done all the hard research and work. All you have to do is buy and enjoy. Quantity is limited so..act sooner than later.

Frank J. Spitz M.Sc.

Unbelievable !!!

Amazing!  I've been wanting to get the 15" Genesis for a while and when I saw the Continuum series i couldn't resist.  I first bought a Genesis Junior Pro a year ago and l just had to get the Tyrian Purple Jr Pro and Phenix Rising Jr Pro a couple months later.  Can't wait for a Promethean Fire Continuum!

Emerald Fury

Works and looks exactly as I anticipated. Very happy with this.

“Genesis” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
Richard N. (Stevensville, US)
12" Genesis Globe

I purchased my first globe in 2016 and the beautiful globe is still going well. My recent purchase is the 12" Genesis globe and I am very happy with the globe. Aurora Plasma design is a wonderful company. Jerry is always prompt to respond to e-mails and always very helpful. I now own three globes from Aurora Plasma design and not sure I am done yet. Maybe the Plasma Portals??? If you want to enrich your life with the fascinating world of plasma you will not go wrong with this company. Thank you to Aurora Plasma designs.

Top Marks

I corresponded a little with Jerry, the founder, prior to making my purchase. I found him to be very frank, honest, and generously helpful. I ordered a newer Jr. 'Pro' version, but also an older Jr. globe of different gas mix; so I think I'm in a good position to A/B compare.

Regarding quality of components, the new Jr. Pro is a solid upgrade in every respect. The base is heavier (must be more metal inside!). The black plastic cover seems thicker, and is glossier (in a good way). The quality of the bottom plate is way better, and seems to offer greater heat dispersion. Aesthetically, for me, the base looks reasonable on both - it does a good job of 'getting out of the way' and not drawing negative attention to itself; though the Jr.Pro base does look a step nicer than the Jr.. The knob seems to have been unchanged - they both have a nice, smooth resistance while being twisted. The new black coil-stem is a little wider it seems, while the glass cylindar is the same, leaving a little less empty space between the two, in the new Jr.Pro than in the Jr.. The outer globe seems a bit thicker on the Jr. Pro, when tapping on it.

If you put thought into interior design, this type of item will be difficult to fit seamlessly into an environment... most of the time it will sit turned off, generally looking out of place and not particularly attractive, I think.

That said, when you have the time and inclination to devote some attention to its light show - WOW! The plasma effects are really beautiful to behold. And having a variable power setting is a major plus - it can really change the 'mood' of what effects you can see.

If this is the sort of product your interested in, I have no hesitation to recommend an Aurora plasma globe, based on my experience. A great product & company!

“Genesis” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
Christopher T. (Los Angeles, US)

Way Wicked glad I spent the money to get a good one

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Hannah S. (San Antonio, US)
Please restock these!!😭🙏🏻

I’ve been waiting patiently for these to come back I NEED one of these for my car!!

Great Plasma Globe!

This globe is really cool. My kids love it, I love it.

Amazing gift for daughter!

Daughter is thrilled and mesmerized with this! I really appreciate the included pamphlet with history of plasma globes and safety instructions. Will order another one sometime later for sure.

A great nostalgic feeling

OMG! I just got my 15” Genesis Continuum and it is as awesome!! It brought back so many memories. My brother had a globe ages ago that I loved to play with and just watch while I was growing up. Nothing compared to this new one. This globe is huge! If you invest the money, you won’t be disappointed. I kind a want to purchase the Prometheus fire now when it becomes available. 😬

I only have one CON and it is that the internal fan is a bit loud. At least I think it’s the fan. This is the only downside.

Other than this is a great product and shipping was expedient. 2 vey big thumbs up!!👍 👍

Another winner!

This is my third plasma globe from Aurora Plasma Design that I baught. Each globe has it's own uniqueness and personality. I love how my Phoenix Rising Junior Pro reacts to touch. Lots of fun! Can't wait to see what new plasma globes that Aurora Plasma Design will create in the future. You can see it here:

Outstanding piece of engineering art

My plasma globe is a work of art. I had purchased less expensive globes previously and returned them because the experience was consistently disappointing.
This globe is larger than expected. The intensity knob is very high quality allowing you to dial it up or down in a very linear fashion.
It's a clean, simple and elegant design.
Nice work Aurora!
Tom Malcolm

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Mae L. (Dubai, AE)

Can you please put me in the list as buyer once it's available?

“Magic Plasma Wand”
S.B. (Berwick, US)
Really cool wand!

The first one broke in shipping, but it was replaced as soon as I notified Aurora Plasma Design with photos. It's the coolest gadget! It works as advertised, and it's a fun way to interact with the globe, and it has more design aesthetic than an old fluorescent light bulb. I'd recommend picking one up, they aren't expensive, and they are super cool!

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Alexis A. (Gold Canyon, US)

This plasma globe is fantastic. I could't be happier with the quality and overall beauty of this globe. Super quick shipping and well packaged for protection

Great office toy

Super friendly staff and great globe!

“Phoenix Rising Series III” Plasma Globe
Rj S. (City of Saint Peters, US)

This is the best purchase I've ever made

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Benjamin S. (Phoenix, US)
Great Item

thanks again...will work great for my new laboratory prop

“Genesis Series IV” Plasma Globe
J.M. (City of Saint Peters, US)
Genesis Series IV

I feel lucky to get a Genesis! Just Beautiful! Thank you!

Nothing special

Nothing special. I don’t see the value

This deserves 6 stars

This is a phenomenal plasma globe! I'm a plasma enthusiast. I bought this to replace my vintage illuma-storm witch got destroyed during home renovations. It is noticeably more powerful and has better texture. AND THE COLOR!!! If you like green, Genesis Junior Pro gives you something you can't get in store bought globes. Some of the effects achieved on low power are surprisingly beautiful, the green becomes dominant over the blue high current arcs.

Just buy one... I hesitated for years because "I already have globes" but I see now this is a whole new level in quality.