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“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Pat W. (Port Orchard, US)
Genesis Junior Pro

Works great and very enjoyable! Have wanted one for a while and picked the Genesis Jr. Pro. Seems to be of good quality and is well packed for shipping. The shipping was very quick!!

Great Plasma Globe!

We could not be more happy with our purchase! The Globes are Quality in every detail! The colors and effects are fascinating.The potentiometer as well is quality. They were packed very well! I don’t thing I can come up with anything negative. My kids love them.

Received my order today

As I expected the quality of the Plasma globes are fantastic! They are well made not only the glass but the plastic base is well made and looks really professional! The potentiometer is quality also.From my standpoint nothing could be improved!. I’m extremely satisfied.
The wands also are well made and function as expected. They are really cool!
I also want to say that the globes could not be packed better .This manufacturer and seller take quality very seriously. I appreciate that.
Thanks very much!

Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Vanessa C. (Naperville, US)
Just the best river ever

Thank you so much the best toy ever! Made his dream come true

Assorted Junior Plasma Globe

Awesome! Great quality! Will be buying some more soon


I have been fascinated with plasma globes since childhood and this globe is fantastic!

Always dreamed of having a Plasma globe as a kid

I've always been fascinated by plasma globes as a kid. Once I discovered Aurora's website, I knew I had to have one. I was appreciative that Aurora offers "budget" models for people like me who can't afford a $500 plasma globe.

That being said, the only thing budget about this product is the price. The build quality feels great, and the glass is clearly much thicker and more robust than the cheap Chinese plasma globes you see at the mall.

I decided to go with the assorted plasma globe because I valued the uniqueness of the globe and the "randomness" honestly added to the thrill. I'm very happy with the color I ended up with. The tendrils are a whitish blue with pink contact on the glass. It looks magical in the dark.

Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Jenelle S. (Rochester, US)
Truly Wonderful and Lifesized

I love tigers and was excited to see this lifesize tiger back in stock to add to my tiger collection. This tiger is the next best thing to having an actual living tiger, it is massive and beautiful. Ordering and shipping was easy with no complications.

One of a kind!

Great surprise! Very pleased with my assorted Jr Pro Plasma Globe! Aurora Plasma Design never disappoins. Thanks again!

An interesting conversation piece

After purchasing an entry level museum store quality plasma ball I wasn't impressed with the quality, but for $25 I wasn't expecting much. Where do you find that balance between a science museum and retail? And the winner goes to Aurora. In our house it serves multiple roles, hallway light, science experiment, and art object. The quality of the materials really sets its self apart from the mass. The feel of the hand blown glass has an interesting tactile feel (not mass produced). It's the imperfections that contribute to the quality. We got the 12" in and it's sizable. In fact looking at it I initially thought they sent me the bigger version. Let's just say it has a presence. The glow and flow of the beams is quite mezmorizing. I like the ability to increase or decrease power and adaptability to have controls in the front or rear (the underside power cord allows this). And lastly, the packaging was beyond belief...let's just say overkill, but safe. If you this is within your budget and there's a use case I think it's well worth the money spent. In short it's beautiful and we love it!

A great Value, beautiful. Worth 2x's the cost.

Pkg'd well, craftsmanship is excellent, blows el-cheapo balls away!

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Alistair R. (Toronto, CA)

Loved the solid glass, makes globe feel sturdy. Lights are absolutely mesmerizing.

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Enrique V. (Spring Valley, US)
Fun Plasma

Quality made beautiful glow

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
David L. (Pont-Rouge, CA)

Trais satisfait ça ce comparer pas a une lampe o plasma Grand publique couleur vive fonctionne trais bient cordialement David Lemieux

Great lamp.

Build and finish are wonderful this lamp is what the doctor ordered.

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe

“Phoenix Rising Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Richard N. (Stevensville, US)
Pheonix rising

From what I hear from the person I sent it to he loves it. I have purchased three plasma globes and love them, and that is why I sent a gift to Arizona.

Excellent customer service!

I Purchase the genesis continuum series. Jerry was great to work with! You will not find better customer service anywhere. Thank again Jerry.

A must-have for any museum

11/10, absolutely perfect for our smaller children's museum!

Better than I expected

Excellent product. Super fast shipping. It helps me relax

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Patrick B. (Moose Jaw, CA)
Plasma Wand

The kids really enjoy the wands as well as the globes. Very good to deal with, I would recommend purchasing here if you are looking for great quality and entertainment.

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Frans (The Hague, NL)
Fun to play with and great for demonstration

The plasma wand is fun to play with and a great tool for demontrations. I always used a fluoresent tube for demonstrations but the plasma wand gives a much nicer result.

Superior quality

I absolutely love the Aurora design plasma globes. I have two now and the quality is so far above the novelty store globes. I love that they have adjustable power so i can choose the effect i like best. I will probably buy more variations when they are back in stock.

My name isn't Jose.

But the globe is amazing in every way possible

Perfect quality

I absolutely love this Plasma globe. The quality is so much better than the cheap novelty store globes. Aurora does not (yet) ship outside Canada or the United States and since I live in the Netherlands, I used which made it more expensive but it was certainly worth it.