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“Genesis Series IV” Plasma Globe
Robert B. (Cheyenne, US)

It’s everything I hoped it would be and more what a stunning piece of art! Also ITS HUGE!

Absolutely Stunning!

You get the measurements, you see the pics and videos. But when it shows up, you will be amazed at the size and elegance of these globes! Don’t even need to turn it on to look amazing!
The first one I got was defective, the collar around the globe wasn’t attached correctly or something; in no time at all we were able to reach a suitable solution and I had a replacement in a week! If I had room, I’d get all of the museum globes!
This type specifically is unlike any other globe I’ve seen, true to its description. It is just like in the videos, long ropes of bright white plasma that snake everywhere inside the globe. No idea how I’m ever gonna get 3000 hours into this thing, but I do look forward to it!


High quality. Worth the extra money.

“Genesis Series IV” Plasma Globe
R.M.J. (Grande Prairie, CA)
The kids love it and love it

You don't realize how big it is until you get it in person. Here's a video. Not enough people post them on here. Enjoy!

Worth the Wait!!

Once Jerry told me the Pro Series was coming, I was willing to wait almost an entire year to get my hands on one of them!! I was already a fan of APD and their products, and I had already decided where I was getting my plasma globe from!! I can't describe how excited I was to get that email near Xmas that the Junior Pro's were ready to go!! I just received my 8" Genesis version this week, and it's every bit of perfect and exactly as he had promised!! Improved base, Laboratory Glass, and the same gas mixture as the 15" versions!! As soon as it arrived I already had the display area prepared, and set it up immediately!! It's absolutely perfect!! The green/red tendrils are stupendous, and the white'ish blue tendril reactions to touch are icing on the cake!! I picked up a Plasma Wand too and it simply adds another level of cool factor to the entire package!! I proudly turn it on every evening, and just can't stop turning around to enjoy watching it!! If you're looking for a quality item to be proud of...Aurora Plasma Design all day!! Saving up for a 15" now!! Thank you Jerry...I couldn't be happier!! :) \m/\m/

AMAZING Plasma Globe

We purchased the “Promethean Fire Series II” Plasma Globe for our son who has autism - he loves science and LOVES the Plasma Globe. We are Very happy with it.

Tip- the wands are great and worth the add on


Worth every penny. This thing is badass!!

Genesis Jr Pro

I've had the large Genesis for awhile, love it! The smaller Jr model is as beautiful as the original, but in a smaller package. It's great.

Phoenix Rising Junior Pro

Bought this for my brother for Christmas gift. Works and looks great! Well worth the price. The build quality is excellent, and the amount you can vary the effects from barely one streamer to many, along with the density of the streamers at max power, is amazing. Overall: A+

“Tyrian Purple” Plasma Globe
J.G. (Bloomsburg, US)
Exceeds Expectations

Note: website said this was out of stock, so I sent a message asking when it would be in stock again. Owner messaged me back a few hours later saying they had some in stock and just needed to update the site. I bought mine that same day. So if it says out of stock, send them a message. I was happy at how responsive the owner was!

Review: WOW. I read all of the awesome reviews here on the site and expected this to be very nice. But it was WAY bigger and cooler than I imagined! I’ve always been a science nerd and fascinated by Tesla and finally decided to get a nice plasma globe. My daughters love it too! As my attached pic shows, even with room lights on it still looks great. In the dark though, it’s mind blowing…Just like the website video shows. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. Totally worth every penny. After seeing how awesome this one is, I plan to buy the Promethean Fire globe also. Heck, maybe I’ll get all of them!

Genesis Junior Pro

I received a Genesis Junior Pro as a Christmas gift and it is hands down my favorite gift. I can't stop looking at it. I will definitely be purchasing another one for my office.

Best one yet...

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Mike C. (New Orleans, US)
Beautiful Technical Work of Art

I bought a Genesis Junior Pro globe for each of my two sets of grandchildren this Christmas. The globes are wonderfully well made and operate just as shown in the demonstration videos. Besides their being an artistic tour de force, the globes gave us a chance to talk about plasma being the fourth state of matter and to discuss how lightning works and why thunderstorms can leave a fresh smell in the air. Congratulations to Aurora Plasma Design for making a superb product!


I am beyond satisfied. Exceeds my expectations. High quality,beautiful and mesmerizing. I will definitely be ordering more as soon as they are offered. My hats off to the Aurora company!


I am beyond satisfied. Exceeded my expectations. High quality,beautiful and mesmerizing. I will definitely be ordering more as soon as they are offered. My hats off to the Aurora company!

Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Calen C. (Rancho Cordova, US)

Just like many of the other reviews, I was NOT expecting to buy a life sized tiger plush AT ALL. I recently went to the zoo and was fascinated by the tigers, and out of curiosity I looked up how much a life sized plush one would be, and as I searched and searched I finally found out that this company was the only one that made them. The price really deterred me from even considering it, but as the week went on I kept coming back and looking at the pictures... I wondered, "how cool would it be to just have this unusually massive piece of art in my house?" I then started dreaming about it every night... so I finally decided I was going to get it! The hard part was convincing my wife. She thought I was silly, and yeah she was right. But that didn't change the fact that I was determined to get it, and after a lot of clever persuasion and begging she finally gave in and now I HAVE IT AND WOW IT IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!! As soon as it was taken out of the box my wife admitted that it was worth every penny. Let me tell you, this thing feels ALIVE. The detail is remarkable and the material is high quality. The plush feels pleasantly firm as a tiger should, yet the fur is ridiculously soft. Every night I stare at it and pet it's gorgeous face, and it leaves me with the majestic feeling of having the true king of the jungle in my home. I am very satisfied with my tiger but I'm heartbroken that it doesn't come in white... please let me know if you ever restock the white ones because I will gladly go through the bone-crushingly difficult task of convincing my wife to let me get one again. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and I hope you consider my request. ❤ PS: My wife told me to mention that this thing sheds a ton. But don't worry, vacuuming it helps a lot and it sheds way less now. 👍

Super Cool!

WAY better than my last plasma globe from Radio Shack in the 80’s! Really glad I bought this. As someone else posted on here, shipping was very organized and secure. I will be buying the multi color northern lights one once they are in stock.

I love it

Either you love these or you don't. Except, I haven't met anyone who doesn't. These are top notch!

“Tyrian Purple” Plasma Globe
Richard C. (Parksville, CA)

Super 😎 Love it.

Assorted Junior Plasma Globes - Unique Colors - SOLD OUT!
Kathryn P. (Sedro-Woolley, US)

I opened and tried it the day it arrived. It's a Christmas present for my science loving grandson. It works as intended, is beautiful, mesmerizing, and will foster a host of "how" and "why" questions to research with our grandson.

Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Mike M. (Thermopolis, US)
Bigger than life!

Big, beautiful, and very life-like. My granddaughter loves it almost as much as I do!

Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
C.H. (Mustang, US)
Completely Massive

I bought this tiger as sort of "companion" to my other very large 7 foot long tiger plush. And I didn't expect it to absolutely tower over the other one! I was a bit skeptical of buying, since for some reason there's absolutely zero reviews that have pictures, and no videos made on the thing. (I would if I had a good camera.) At least none in English that I could find. And I was sitting there like- "I'm supposed to buy a 700$ tiger with almost no customer feedback other then some 8 year old reviews?" Well, I can gladly say I'm more then happy with my risk taking. The paw from my Aurora Plasma tiger is literally 3x the size of my own hand! It's an absolute monster of a stuffed animal, in a good way. And it's so soft! Softest plush I've ever bought, and I collect plushes! It was super easy to re-stuff, it's just a very heavy plush even before getting re-stuffed. You literally might need help just transporting him he's so heavy, and that's not a downside as it stays where you want it.

So now, Mr Tiger sitting next to me while I type this. All I'm thinking is that I would go broke and run out of room in my house if Aurora Plasma happened to release more plushes of this size and quality. This tiger might as well be part of my family now, he's larger then I am. Trust me, if you've ever wanted to own a stuffed animal bigger then you, this is your best bet. You guys rock!

“Promethean Fire Series II” Plasma Globe
Nick D. (Colorado Springs, US)
Happy Man

I absolutely love this globe. I love all of them and can’t wait to slowly collect them all. Thank you for creating this and keeping them in the budget range of working class people.

Phoenix-Rising-junior-plasma-globe 69 usd

Nice Canadian gear, looks and works great so far...

Better than expected.

I did my research and my expectations were high. So I was pleasantly surprised that they were exceeded. What truly does the trick is the variable power and how it remains stable once a particular level is set. It really does go through many stages from low to high, so fascinating. A high quality piece for sure especially at the price point. Delivery was fast and packaging (I always worry) was more than adequate. You will not be disappointed.