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My second one

Loved my first one so much that I had to get a junior for my kid (maybe it was a little for me too) but both are awesome!

Genesis pro junior

This is my second. Great workmanship and excellent customer service. Very good company to work with.

amazing globe

The globe is very well made.I am very happy with this purchase

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Ryan B. (Etobicoke, CA)
Best Value Plasma Globe Available Today

This is my second Aurora Plasma Globe. I gave the first one away as a gift, and needed to buy a replacement. Both have been amazing. Thanks guys.


I already want another one, when the wife first saw it she was pissed and asked where we were going to put that massive thing. but now its in our front room and everyone loves it. it replaced a lamp
I wish there was a red one to put on the other would look cool!


All I can say
feel like a kid in candy store
with my " genesis junior pro" plasma globe
love it!!!!

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Steven W. (Bay Shore, US)
Great Product

I had purchased the Tyrian purple last year and I loved it. Wanted to add to the collection. The Genesis is amazing.. perfect add. You will not be disappointed..

Amazing plasma globe!

Like anyone else nowadays, I read the reviews on these plasma globes before my purchase.
I can tell you the globe is as incredible as they say it is. The colours are amazing. It’s almost hypnotizing. Definitely worth the purchase and we will likely be buying another one! The globe was packaged very well, and it was shipped quickly.

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Matt M. (Shawnigan Lake, CA)
Kids in love

Bought this globe for my kids, they love it


That is all

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
P.F. (North Vancouver, CA)
I am Speechless... (Unboxing Video at Bottom)

I wanted to buy the museum sized “Promethean Fire Series II”, but when I went to order, my card declined😥 I then decided that I needed to get a globe, weather it was small or large. I did not want to buy any of the other trash out their on the market, and I only trusted your quality. It payed off, and I got a globe so stunning and beautiful, with so much action, but still, it feels so graceful. At first when I opened it I though I had ordered the museum size, it looks way bigger in person than on the video which was a very pleasant surprise!. It is a PERFEECT size to have on a desk or bedside table. Great packaging and protection.

Overall, I am addicted to these things now! I would love to get a full collection at some point! YouTube video placeholder
Fantastic product

After reading all of the cheap Amazon plasma globe 'exploding' reviews, we had to find a better product. I found this Junior Pro on the Aurora website (the store shows out of stock, but they had some on a separate page?).
This is so well made, I have no worries about exploding, short life span, being too dim, all the rest. This is a top quality home plasma globe and the family loves it.

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Marc S.J. (Townsend, US)
Breathtaking !!!

Most mesmerizing interactive decoration I've ever seen! I still can't believe that I actually get to own something like this! Such high quality, and for a very reasonable price. The video does NOT capture the vibrant colors of this amazing Plasma globe. The tesla coil in the center glows bright neon orange with gorgeous green tendrils reaching out becoming slightly purple before tickling the inside of the glass sphere with redish tips. When touched, bright blue streamers strike at your fingertips! So much fun to see it's reaction to being touched at various power levels! Stunning to look at in the dark or light! Enjoy!

“Tyrian Purple” Plasma Globe
Jesse N. (New York, US)
Childhood dream come true

When they say museum quality they aren't kidding. This thing is absolutely gorgeous. Plasma globes started becoming popular when I was a kid in the 80s. Since then I have always dreamed of owning one. Now I have one and my kids are growing up with my childhood dream. Worth every penny.

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Benjamin H. (Houston, US)
Brilliance in a globe

Ordering, shipping and communication was excellent. Hands down one of the best customer service experiences I have had. The globe itself is wonderful and will find much use in my physics classroom.

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
William C. (Edmonton, CA)
Excellent Product

The Globe is as described, even better in person. Wide range of adjustment.

“Tyrian Purple” Plasma Globe
Don G. (Chicago, US)
My new plasma globe

I love my new plasma globe. It's great. I am pleased with my purchase. And my friends think it's neat. If any one wants to know where I bought it, I'll send them your way.

Awesome Color

Very satisfied with my recent purchase, will purchase more and eventually get the 15 inch globe.

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Brookes M. (Edmonton, CA)
Top quality, value and service.

Far superior product to anything sold at science centre first shops, and we’ll worth the money. I called and talked to the owner of the company - a person who clearly takes great pride in what they’re offering to consumers, and who’s in business for all the right reasons - to sell great products to discerning customers, and to create a few good jobs for folks along the way. This was a gift for my 12 year old son and he loves it. We’re leaving it on for four months to get it to 3,000 hours - the effect changes and matures over time. Even after just a few weeks its become a remarkable and beautiful fixture. Well done to the Aurora team and thank for the wonderful service! We’ll be back for another one soon I suspect!

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Diego R. (Broomfield, US)

“Magic Plasma Wand”

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Daniel K. (New Hyde Park, US)
Genesis Junior Pro

This is a very elegant design and the gas mixture gives a stunning performance. Highly recommended and at a very reasonable price considering the quality of the PG.


Such good quality. Construction, color, overall awesome. This is not one of those toys you find on Amazon or in Spencers. I'm psyched they came out with the Junior Pro series because my Wife would be pissed if I spent $2500 on one of these b4 we bought a house...and I totally would! =P

“Genesis Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Diego R. (Broomfield, US)
My daughter loves it

Build quality is great and the colors of this particular model is mesmerizing. My daughter loves watching it and doing experiments with it.

“Phoenix Rising Series III” Plasma Globe
Zachary L. (Salt Lake City, US)
Love it!

I've wanted a plasma globe for years and finally took the plunge. I couldn't be more pleased with my Phoenix Rising! Quality and effects are brilliant.

“Genesis Series IV” Plasma Globe
Robert B. (Cheyenne, US)

It’s everything I hoped it would be and more what a stunning piece of art! Also ITS HUGE!