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Better than expected.

I did my research and my expectations were high. So I was pleasantly surprised that they were exceeded. What truly does the trick is the variable power and how it remains stable once a particular level is set. It really does go through many stages from low to high, so fascinating. A high quality piece for sure especially at the price point. Delivery was fast and packaging (I always worry) was more than adequate. You will not be disappointed.

“Promethean Fire Series II” Plasma Globe
Mark R. (Colorado Springs, US)
My Promethean Fire Series II globe..very cool!

I’ve had my plasma globe for a few days now and I am thrilled with it! It’s very cool it met all my expectations (and I had high expectations). The pictures and videos on the website we’re very accurate and I’m looking forward to I having for years to come.

“Tyrian Purple” Plasma Globe
Taylor H. (College Park, US)
Even cooler than I expected!

After months of thinking about it I finally purchased the Tyrian Purple globe and couldn't be happier. The globe feels very high-quality and has already become a room centerpiece. The ability to adjust the intensity is a great feature (I personally think the lowest setting is the most interesting, but my partner loves the higher settings). Aurora was also extremely helpful with shipping and ensuring a safe arrival - globe came well-packaged and you can tell how much care went into designing the product. I definitely encourage picking one up!

Great gift

Very happy with the plasma globe we bought from Aurora. The colors and patterns are amazing. Good quality and timely delivery.

“Phoenix Rising Junior” Plasma Globe
Keith G. (Washington, US)
Terrific plasma globe

Would buy it again. Might purchase one of the larger globes in the future.

The Plasma Globe I Always Wanted

Totally reasonable cost for a globe that is the perfect size for a home. Thanks.

Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
emanuel g. (Santa Clara, US)
My new friend!

Fantastic Bengal Tiger, yes he is HUGH!
The shipping was fast BC Canada => CA USA.
This was a well worth while purchase, you will never find another one like it.
Thank You

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Jose G. (Santa Clara, US)
The best

I like it I recommend it

“Phoenix Rising Junior” Plasma Globe
Jose G. (Watsonville, US)

I would recommend it

Beautiful! You get what you pay for...

It is one of those rare combinations of aesthetic and engineering beauty. Very nicely made.


Far superior to other products on the market.

“Phoenix Rising Junior” Plasma Globe
Jacob H. (Cedar Park, US)
Really nice

This globe is pretty dope, I’m trying to get the genesis junior and promethium fury when they become available

“Tyrian Purple Junior” Plasma Globe
Matthew H. (Charleston, US)
Birthday Plasma Globe

My son loves his new plasma glove. It’s super cool. He gives it 5 out of 5 stars.


the photos/videos don't do this beauty justice! It's incredible

I bought this globe for my 7 year old son who told me that nikola Tesla invented the plasma globe and wanted one really bad. We settled on the Tyrian Purple globe and haven’t been disappointed. The quality is solid, the colors are crisp and the action is great. My only ask is that you let us know when your other color combinations become available again.

“Phoenix Rising Junior” Plasma Globe
Jeremiah M. (Burnaby, CA)
Mesmerizing Globe

It's beautiful. Will buy another one this coming fall .

Tyrian Purple "Special Edition” Plasma Globe
Tyler H. (Salt Lake City, US)
Great inexpensive globe

This globe is very cool for the price. Non-adjustable like my other globes but with loud enough sound the noise activation is neat

Tyrian Purple "Special Edition” Plasma Globe

“Tyrian Purple” Plasma Globe
Ben H. (Broken Arrow, US)
"You're such a nerd"

I just wish the power connection was more hidden, say underneath or on the opposite side of the power switch and plaque.

Tyrian Purple "Special Edition” Plasma Globe
Eric F. (Pacific Palisades, US)
Another pleasing addition to my Aurora Plasma Design line!

Wonderful colors from the mixture of gases, and the activity of the tendrils produces quite an array of sweeping whispy arms. The audio feature embedded in this model is a bonus: I have a white noise machine which sits next to it and has the globe dancing in rhythm. Being a seasoned client, with globes from the museum sized to the Junior series, and the magic wands, I’ll keep looking for the next creative idea. Thanks :)

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Ben H. (Tulsa, US)

Two of the three wands work well, but one isn't easy to make react. With the globe at full power, you can move it all around to maybe have it light up.

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Alfred S. (New York, US)
It is so different

Also I got the Plasma Pearl (Lava Flow). This idea to add glass beads in the rod was really cool because it gives you a sense of the physicality of the phenomenon inside. Thanks for making these products, I am very happy.

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Alfred S. (New York, US)
straight wizardry

I love this "Plasm Orb" (Neon). I don't know if I should say spoiler alert because some of these things are cool to discover in person when you are playing with with it. But anyway, it's amazing how easily/eagerly the orb end of the wand lights up when you touch the orb with your finger. On the lowest plasma setting the orb end starts glowing at a little over 4 inches away from the plasma ball upon contact with my finger, it looked like to me. Then on the highest plasma setting, finger contact triggered a flicker at around 11.5 inches away from the ball. Of course when you bring it closer gradually it glows brighter, and anytime you bring it close enough for the plasma tendrils to converge into a bright channel that streams into the wand, the wand goes from a bright glow into a spectacular pulse of red, but that distance at which the brink of sensitivity sets is impressive. I love running my hand up and down the rod to extend/retract the magic. Also if you fully ignite the rod section and press your pointer finger onto it and look closely at the crimson, you can see the crimson bend gently away from your finger. By the way I was using my Museum Series Phoenix Rising II. All of these products make it feel like you are magic and light is intimating with you in a way that makes light seem conscious.

They just don't make them like they used to

once arrived i picked up the box and thought, did they just ship me styrofoam?? upon inspection and opening, the globe was in perfect condition but extreamly light.. plugged it in and turning the intensity up and down wasnt as smoorh as hoped. max intensity was fine but turning it down makes it blip from low to bursting medium intensity. all I can say is im glad i bought a small one 1st, here i was going to get the BIG one but after seeing and feeling the build quality, no thank you. i just boxed mine up and awaiting to give it to someone as a gift. Dissapointed.

We are sorry to hear that you did not like your globe. It sounds like you reviewed our large professional globes on our site and then mistakenly assumed that you would receive the same functionality and quality in our inexpensive small globes at 1/10th the cost.
Since you have re-packed the globe we suggest that you return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price. Please make sure that the globe is packed exactly the way it was received in the inner and outer cartons to ensure it arrives in unbroken 'As New' condition. We will waive the 20% re-stocking fee but you will have to pay the freight charges. Once we have received the globe in good condition we will issue you a refund. Thank you for your cooperation.

Aurora Plasma Design

Not neon plasma.

I'm glad to find a globe with the neat discharge of what I think are xenon -helium and look forward to your green plasma globe,