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“Phoenix Rising Junior Pro” Plasma Globe
Richard N. (Stevensville, US)
Pheonix rising

From what I hear from the person I sent it to he loves it. I have purchased three plasma globes and love them, and that is why I sent a gift to Arizona.

Excellent customer service!

I Purchase the genesis continuum series. Jerry was great to work with! You will not find better customer service anywhere. Thank again Jerry.

A must-have for any museum

11/10, absolutely perfect for our smaller children's museum!

Better than I expected

Excellent product. Super fast shipping. It helps me relax

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Patrick B. (Moose Jaw, CA)
Plasma Wand

The kids really enjoy the wands as well as the globes. Very good to deal with, I would recommend purchasing here if you are looking for great quality and entertainment.

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Frans (The Hague, NL)
Fun to play with and great for demonstration

The plasma wand is fun to play with and a great tool for demontrations. I always used a fluoresent tube for demonstrations but the plasma wand gives a much nicer result.

Superior quality

I absolutely love the Aurora design plasma globes. I have two now and the quality is so far above the novelty store globes. I love that they have adjustable power so i can choose the effect i like best. I will probably buy more variations when they are back in stock.

My name isn't Jose.

But the globe is amazing in every way possible

Perfect quality

I absolutely love this Plasma globe. The quality is so much better than the cheap novelty store globes. Aurora does not (yet) ship outside Canada or the United States and since I live in the Netherlands, I used which made it more expensive but it was certainly worth it.

Highly Satisfied - 12" Promethean Fire Globe

The 12” Promethean Fire globe that I received was exactly as shown in the preview video. It has operated flawlessly the several weeks I have owned it. Although the twelve-inch globe is substantial in size, scale is needed to show off the unbelievable effects. Everything about it is high quality which is evidenced by observation and operation. Whether touching the globe or looking at it as it operates, one is awed by the sight. Interaction with the staff was great and the globe arrived promptly and safely. I highly recommend these globes and Aurora Plasma Design

take a trip to prehistoric Earth

when I went to Rutgers I learned about the evolution of life on Earth. The Natural Museum of History in NYC has artistic drawings of what they thought primordial life looked like. The green light in rarified atmospheric effects in this Globe resemble the artistic beginning of life drawings at the Natural museum of History. I'm talking about volcanoes smitten by lightning...The lightning has a prehistoric yet soft and silent fluidic motion even on the lowest setting.... I can't recommend it enough


This is a beautiful plasma globe. The colors and density of the plasma were very accurately represented by the excellent videos on the website.
Be aware that it is best appreciated in dim lighting.

Lightning in your hands

I just received my Continuum Series Genesis and it's everything I had hoped for, and much more. It is truly a sight to behold. The black wood base and 15" globe create an impressive package even without the magic inside turned on, and demonstrate skilled craftsmanship and thoughtful design. The great folks at Aurora shipped it quickly and I can't wait to show it to my grandchildren. Benjamin Franklin would have loved one of these!

prepare to be impressed

an affordable solution to own Tesla technology with lots of colors and completely contained within solid lab glass. They are reliable, quiet, and serene... and available in museum sizes..
I am a person who has always appreciated art that also works with energy and technology. Since I have a lot of interests, frequently my artistic side gets displaced. I was surfing the internet a few weeks ago and landed on Aurora's site using key words I typically use to describe something like this...and discovered Aurora's web pictures/videos of their plasma globes. Their Genesis Globe (on my TV room table) has a Verdant Aurora green and orange well defined tendril tips... purple can be activated also. I've seen similar in the Boston Museum of Science collection in this size and these globes either compare or exceed the build quality and color performance. Available energy stream speed of movements can be dialed with a great deal of control. These are very durable although the packaging was also impressive. There are shipping and follow up emails/confirmations for shipping reminders etc... after I placed the order. I would strongly recommend watching the videos and let one choose you.

“Magic Plasma Wand”
Zak M. (Cincinnati, US)
The Magic Plasma Wand is Great!

I entertain and teach children. The new new wand is a huge is. Lots of gasps and oohs and ahhs from the elementary school kids. It’s strong glass and the gets very bright. It works in large spaces with large audiences and it’s very reasonably priced. Thanks!

Amazing lifetime gift

This thing is super high quality, beautiful piece of art! If you have children (or even if you don’t, adding the wand is a no brainer. I don’t regret this purchase over the economical competitors you will find.
Once you see and feel this thing, you will quickly realize it is worth every penny

You will NOT be disappointed

We thought maybe 15 inches wouldn't be big enough but we were wrong! This globe is stunning! We can't wait to order more in the future. Fast shipping, quality products, beautiful colors and reader friendly instructions! Amazing company. Thank you so much!!!

“Phoenix Rising Junior Pro” Plasma Globe


Everything is absolutely perfect!! Gorgeous colors!

Genesis Continuum Series

The Genesis is a fascinating and colorful globe. It has it's own personality with electrifying red, green and blue colors. Another great one from Aurora Plasma Design!

Lightning at your fingertips!

Emerald Fury is a force to be reckoned with. A very fierce and powerful globe with electrifying green lightning bolts coursing through. You can actually feel the power of lightning at your fingertips! Another true and wonderful masterpiece from Aurora Plasma Design! Bravo!

Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
T.G. (Ontario, US)
Please restock!

I have been after one of these for a long time! Please restock soon!!

good ball :)

With the power adjustment you can get a couple different kinds of discharge. Very cool!

Simply amazing!

Great quality

I got this as a gift for my partner who is interested in plasma globes, but has never had one. It's much better quality than the mass manufactured ones I've encountered before. The colors are beautiful and there's lots of power to it. We love it as a bedside lamp alternative!