Introducing the All-New
“Continuum Series”

The Ultimate Plasma Globe

Our “Museum Series” Plasma Globe lineup has gotten a major upgrade!

The All-New “Continuum Series”

The Aurora Plasma Design flagship product for over 10 years, our 15-inch “Museum Series” globe has received a series of upgrades to make it better than ever! With our new “Continuum Series,” the plasma globe body has been completely redesigned with a number of improvements.

Stylish, Black Wood Base

We’ve always wanted to make a globe with a black base, but all our attempts have inevitably resulted in the wood grain disappearing, making the base appear to be made from plastic. We finally figured it out though! Our new bases are black “ebonized” ash, which retains the wood grain while giving that sought-after black color that so many people have asked us for.

Premium Controls

Our Continuum Series globes have replaced the previous plastic knobs with luxurious machined aluminum knobs, the kind you might see on high end audio equipment. Paired with these knobs is a new high quality carbon potentiometer, which provides a buttery smooth feel and precise control over the plasma display.

We’ve also added a separate on/off switch with a built-in, dimmed LED indicator. The separate power switch makes ignition of the plasma gasses much more reliable, especially with our more power-hungry globes like “Emerald Fury” and “Promethean Fire.”

12" Continuum Series

For the first time ever, we are offering a 12-inch version of our Professional Plasma Globes! Initially available in “Genesis” style, with “Promethean Fire” coming soon, and more styles coming in the future!

The Same Dazzling Effects

“Continuum Series” globes have the same effects that are proven and loved by our many customers. We are initally offering the 15-inch Continuum Series in “Genesis” and “Emerald Fury” styles, with “Promethean Fire” coming soon.

One Final Touch

We have always considered the controls to be on the back side of the globe, but many customers like having the controls on the front, and having the power input in the same place was an inconvenience. To solve this, we have now moved the power receptacle to the underside of the globe, allowing you to position the globe however your want without the cord getting in your way!

Shop our “Continuum Series” Plasma Globes

Our “Tyrian Purple”, “Genesis”, “Emerald Fury” and “Promethean Fire” globes are now available in our new Continuum Series! “Phoenix Rising” will be announced at a later date, but is still available to purchase in our original “Museum Series” version below.

Shop our “Legacy” Professional Globes

Our “Phoenix Rising” globes are still available in our legacy “Museum Series” fit and finish. These are same globes that have made hundreds of happy globe owners!

The perfect accessory!
“Magic Plasma Wands”

Discover a new and exciting way to play with your plasma globe! These “magic” plasma wands light up without any internal power source. Simply hold them close to your “Junior Pro Series” plasma globe, and the electrical field of the globe will ignite the plasma inside. The perfect accessory, and a very fun way to show off the principles of electricity using your plasma globe.