“Tyrian Purple Junior”
Plasma Globe

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D.C. (Sarasota, US)

I am beyond satisfied. Exceeded my expectations. High quality,beautiful and mesmerizing. I will definitely be ordering more as soon as they are offered. My hats off to the Aurora company!

Matthew H. (Charleston, US)
Birthday Plasma Globe

My son loves his new plasma glove. It’s super cool. He gives it 5 out of 5 stars.

Kyle M. (Oakland, US)

I bought this globe for my 7 year old son who told me that nikola Tesla invented the plasma globe and wanted one really bad. We settled on the Tyrian Purple globe and haven’t been disappointed. The quality is solid, the colors are crisp and the action is great. My only ask is that you let us know when your other color combinations become available again.

James N. (Riverside, US)
They just don't make them like they used to

once arrived i picked up the box and thought, did they just ship me styrofoam?? upon inspection and opening, the globe was in perfect condition but extreamly light.. plugged it in and turning the intensity up and down wasnt as smoorh as hoped. max intensity was fine but turning it down makes it blip from low to bursting medium intensity. all I can say is im glad i bought a small one 1st, here i was going to get the BIG one but after seeing and feeling the build quality, no thank you. i just boxed mine up and awaiting to give it to someone as a gift. Dissapointed.

We are sorry to hear that you did not like your globe. It sounds like you reviewed our large professional globes on our site and then mistakenly assumed that you would receive the same functionality and quality in our inexpensive small globes at 1/10th the cost.
Since you have re-packed the globe we suggest that you return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price. Please make sure that the globe is packed exactly the way it was received in the inner and outer cartons to ensure it arrives in unbroken 'As New' condition. We will waive the 20% re-stocking fee but you will have to pay the freight charges. Once we have received the globe in good condition we will issue you a refund. Thank you for your cooperation.

Aurora Plasma Design

Michael N. (Alexandria, US)
A teaching tool and a toy. What more could you want?

I'm always looking to teach my autistic son about the world around him. This plasma ball is a fun way to teach him physics.

Rose D. (Denman Island, CA)

We live extremely remote in the wilderness of the great bear rainforest. My kids go to school online and wanted to do a Tesla project for school and conduct some plasma globe experiments. We received our globe and WOW its absolutely fantastic. Its absolutely perfect for their experiments with the adjustable dial. The quality is excellent, the shipping was fast and the colors are incredible. My sons absolutely love it!

Bryant O. (Boulder, US)
Glowing Review. Very high quality, *Beautiful* plasma globe. And very cool wand.

Much higher quality than a couple I bought on Amazon. And the wand adds a very cool extra. Good to *finally* have a very good quality plasma globe, with a variable power knob. It also comes with a removable black half globe cover to accentuate the plasma lightning in a less dark room. Definitely recommend. (I probably average one review a year, but when it's a small, high quality company with a top notch product, I try to take a minute and do that.)

David (Savage, US)
Very Satisfying

Very pleased with the purchase of this globe. For me, it was the standard color and action that I had seen as a child and always wanted one. I was never able to purchase one because something about everyone I looked at seemed off to me and undesirable. The fact that I can adjust the power is a huge benefit and I find that I use this more than I thought I would. To me, it seems very well made for the price. I was glad the power plug had the converter right at the plugin, I hate having the converter halfway down the cord. Obviously, the enjoyment of this globe is best in a darker room, and I currently use mine as a night light and switch it out with others I own. It is very desirable to me to be able to get different types of globes and have them all look the same in style. The packaging was great and shipping was fast. I currently have 3 and hope to get the last 2 when they become available. I do wish I could go lower on the power but I don't think this is from manufacturing but rather a result of the specific gases used in this globe.

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New for 2021 - “Mark 2 Junior Series” Plasma Globes

Since we began making plasma globes in 2008, our mission has been to produce large, museum-quality globes at an affordable price. Over the years, though, we have had a significant number of requests for even more affordable globes that would be suitable for casual or younger plasma enthusiasts.

Eventually, we decided to test the waters by making a very limited run of 8-inch globes so we could see if there would be a market for them. We wanted to offer a product that was close to the price range of the mass market globes, but built to the same standards of quality as our large professional models. The result of these initial efforts was our “Emerald Fury Junior” globe, which we released in May of 2020. Customer response was overwhelming, and the success of this globe has prompted us to create the new “Mark 2 Junior Series” with an expanded line-up of effects.

“Mark 2 Junior Series” Details

These new 8-inch diameter Junior globes have been redesigned from the ground up, improving upon the original design of our “Emerald Fury Junior” globes and adopting an expanded line-up of our “Museum Series” effects. The “Junior Series” globes use the same high-quality gas mixtures as our large professional globes. Because of that, the color and action of the plasma effects are just as stunning as those of the larger models, and they are likewise just as interactive.

In an industry first for small consumer globes, we have incorporated adjustable effect capabilities to our new “Mark 2 Junior Series” globes. Like our professional “Museum Series” globes, the plasma effects in our the new “Junior Series” globes can be increased or diminished by an adjustable power switch. This makes the globes much more interactive, allowing you to dial in the exact effects you like best.

Our newly designed custom base is a big step up from those found on consumer globes. The 8-inch globe sits upon a gloss-black plastic base, subtly embossed with the Aurora Plasma Design logo as a mark of authenticity and quality. Like our “Museum Series” globes, we wanted these smaller globes to be just as attractive when they are turned off as when they are on and running.

In addition to updating the globes themselves, we have also upgraded the power supplies from analog wire-wound transformers to new digital switching transformers, which are more efficient and can accept both North American and worldwide voltages. The “Junior Series” globes are powered by a 12V 1000ma power supply, which is twice as powerful as the 500ma power supplies used in consumer plasma globes.

A final note: although we recommend only running your globe while you are around to enjoy it, we have been running several samples of our Junior globes 24/7 for a few months now to prove their longevity, and will continue to run them. Your “Junior Series” globe comes with a limited 90 day warranty exchange period for any globe that fails under normal household usage.

“Tyrian Purple Junior” Plasma Effects

Our large “Tyrian Purple” globes are by far the favorite of our first time customers, and being the simplest gas mixture to produce, have the added benefit of being our most affordable globe. We predict that the same will be true of these beautiful “Tyrian Purple Junior” globes! 

Turning on the “Tyrian Purple” globe treats the viewer to very vivid purple tendrils, ending in reddish-orange tips. On low power, the tendrils emanate from the center electrode in a waving, relaxed motion. As power is increased, the number of tendrils grow, and small red flowers form at the tips as the plasma tendrils strike the glass. At this power level, the plasma will subtly interact with your touch, and you will be able to see the glass light up beneath your fingers as a few small tendrils of plasma make contact.

Once the globe has been turned up to a sufficient power level, the globe becomes fully interactive. Hovering your hand over the glass will cause a buildup of red surface plasma across the glass near your hand. Touching the glass will draw the plasma energy to your hand, and many of the tendrils will collapse into a large white lightning strike which will follow your hand as you move it around. Using only your fingertips also causes changes that result in each finger being lit up and multiple plasma bridges forming between fingers.

Experiment with your Plasma Globe!

With double the power of a regular consumer plasma globe, our globes have power to spare. That extra power will come in handy if you want to try any of the fun experiments that are included in your full-color 24-page Owner’s Manual!

Whereas before you would need a fluorescent bulb to do these experiments, we have come up with something even more exciting. In addition to our “Junior Series” globe, we have now released our newly designed plasma-filled “Magic Wands.” We designed the wands as an accessory for our “Museum Series” globes, but our testing found that the Junior globes also have enough power to drive them! The wands interact with our globes and have effects that can rival the globes themselves in beauty. Find out more by visiting our “Magic Wand” product page.

The globe's power knob does have an effect on the “Magic Wands,” so make sure it is turned to high for this type of use.

Important Notes

All of the pictures and videos on our website were taken in near darkness. The descriptions of the effects are based on observations of the globes in the same near darkness. Just as the Northern Lights cannot be seen during the day, our globe’s effects are best viewed in a darkened environment. Increasing levels of ambient light will wash out the effect colors until they almost disappear under full sunlight.

Also, please be aware that no two plasma globes are exactly alike, and there may be variations in color and effect from globe to globe. We test and compare our globes before selecting the one to be used in our presentations as the best overall examples of their series. We make every effort to photograph and present our globes as accurately as possible, but Videos and Photos on this website should be used solely as a guide to what a product should look like, not as an exact representation. Rest assured your plasma globe will be unique and awesome!

Our “Junior Series” globes are made from very strong borosilicate glass, but even so, glass is glass, and thus the globes are not unbreakable. Please keep in mind that even though our “Junior Series” globes may find their way into the hands of younger Plasma Art enthusiasts, they are not toys! Children do not have the same coordination and motor skills as adults, and can possibly damage the globes with their unbridled enthusiasm. The results of breakage pose no greater danger than that from a dropped glass of milk, but adult supervision is strongly advised to prevent any accidents from happening.