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Museum-Sized Plasma Globes

Museum-Sized Plasma Globe

Lightning in a Bottle

Museums across the world have featured huge Plasma Globes to explain the principals of electricity, amazing visitors with their glowing spectacles of multicolored lightning. These beautiful, ever-changing light sculptures can reach 36 inches in diameter and cost upwards of $25,000!

Before we started out, plasma globes like this were not available to the average consumer. To fill this void, we decided to design Large-Diameter Plasma Globes which approach the size and visual impact of those found in science museums. At 22" tall and 15" in diameter, our globes are nearly twice the size of the largest mass-market globes available!

Plasma Streamer attracted to a hand

Exciting Plasma Effects

Plasma globes are filled with rare gases, which react with electricity from the central electrode to produce “plasma lightning,” which emanates outward in tendrils of red, pink, violet, or other colors, depending on the mix of gases inside. When you place your hand on the glass, the lightning focuses on your hand to produce a concentrated stream of colored plasma. By using the power control on the globe, you can change the effect from a subtle light dance to a full blown galactic sun-storm! These effects are bright enough to be seen in a lighted room, and are spectacular in a darkened room!

Closeup of Solid Hardwood Base

Hardwood Bases

Our globes are constructed from 5 pieces of solid hardwood, stained with a beautiful rose-wood color, and hand-polished to a low-sheen finish. The polished wood gives the globes an elegant look, making them suitable for display in any environment.

Our new bases incorporate a hidden cooling system, and have been updated with modular electronics, enabling the globe to be more easily repaired in the case that warranty service is required.

Closeup of Plasma Globe showing 3/16in thick glass

Laboratory-Strength Glass

Our plasma globes are made from temperature-hardened, laboratory-strength blown glass. The glass is very thick, varying between 1/8" to 3/16" in thickness. Because glass is porous, cheaper globes with thinner glass have issues with the the rare gasses slowly escaping through the glass over time. The glass in our globes is several times as thick as what you find in a regular consumer globe, ensuring that the gasses remain in the globe for many many years.

Note: Because the glass is hand blown, it is normal for it to have some imperfections. Upon close inspection, you may find small bubbles in the glass or minor scuffs. These imperfections will be completely invisible under normal operating conditions, i.e.- a darkened room.

Museum-Sized Plasma Globe

One of a Kind

All of our Museum-Sized Plasma Globes are part of small, limited-edition series. Each globe is imprinted with a unique, numbered plaque on the back of the base, showing the series number, the number of globes in that series, and the globe number.

Make no mistake, the small mass-market globes you see in gift shops and elsewhere online hold no comparison to our products. If you enjoy owning limited-supply, exclusive items which very few people have seen, then our Museum-Size Plasma Globes are a must have!

Optimal Lighting Conditions

Plasma globes are best displayed in a darkened room. If there is too much light in the room, the plasma effect will get washed out by the light and lose its impact. We do not recommend displaying a plasma globe in a bright room, although if you do decide to do this, the plasma effect can be made to appear brighter if you place a black background behind the globe.

This video shows several globes running under bright lights with a black background, and then with the lights turned off.

Note: This video shows our discontinued plastic base globes. The plasma effects in our new globes exhibit the same brightness.

Pick Your Effect

Unlike the globes that you may have seen in stores, our globes are not all the same. We have developed several different plasma effects, which you will find in the collections below. Every globe exhibits its own variations in color and form, making each one a truly unique collectors piece. Please browse our selection below to find the globe for you!

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