“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe

“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe

Introducing the New
“Continuum Series”

Completely Redesigned
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe
“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe

“Emerald Fury” Continuum Series Plasma Globe

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About Our “Emerald Fury Continuum Series” Plasma Globe

This is the new series of our popular “Emerald Fury” globe. This series will be outfitted with a brass plaque identifying the globe as “Emerald Fury Continuum Series.”

Our multi-year quest to produce a blue plasma globe has taken us down a very twisted and branching path. We have yet to achieve a blue globe which meets our satisfaction, but in the process we stumbled upon a formula to create this favorite member of our plasma globe family, “Emerald Fury.”

At the lowest power setting, you will be treated to a completely unique plasma effect. Tendrils of plasma flicker rapidly from the center electrode, forming ghostly green tree-like structures. Where the tendrils meet the electrode, the glass glows with a pale mix of red and white, pooling into a mix of bright white and green at the center of the plasma stream. From the electrode the plasma extends out as a white trunk which dances around the electrode, frequently snapping to a new position before continuing. These white trunks split into numerous small green branches which flicker around like leaves on a tree.

As you dial the globe towards the middle of the power range, more trees are formed and the lightning storm intensifies, with green tendrils striking the glass in splashes of green. Putting your hand on the glass will attract intensely white bolts that dance from fingertip to fingertip. Each fingertip glows green, and rays of plasma radiate outwards like the framework of a spider web. 

Once the globe reaches full power, the plasma becomes intensely energetic, with vivid white and green lightning strikes occurring many times per second. So many tendrils are smashing against the glass that they leave an eerie green fog across the whole globe. You can notice that fingertips firmly placed on the glass not only attract the white lightning bolts but also become energized and send out their own ghostly green tendrils. If you place your hand close enough to the base, some of these tendrils will travel back towards the globe’s center column.

This highly energetic “Emerald Fury” globe is unlike anything we have done before and it stands in sharp contrast to our more colorful but sedate globes. We are often asked “What is your brightest globe?” If brightness and high energy are what you are looking for, then “Emerald Fury” will be the perfect fit.

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⚠️ Important Notes ⚠️

All of the pictures and videos of our plasma effects were taken in near darkness. The descriptions of the effects are based on observations of the globes in the same near darkness. Just as the Northern Lights cannot be seen during the day, our globe’s effects are best viewed in a darkened environment. Increasing levels of ambient light will wash out the effect colors until they almost disappear under full sunlight.

Please be aware that no two plasma globes are exactly alike, and there may be variations in color and effect from globe to globe. We test and compare over a dozen globes before selecting the globe to be used as the best overall example of the series. We make every effort to photograph and present our globes as accurately as possible, but Videos and Photos on this website should be used solely as a guide to what a product should look like, not as an exact representation. Rest assured your plasma globe will be unique and awesome!

Our plasma globes are made from temperature-hardened, laboratory-strength blown glass. Because the glass is hand blown, it is normal for it to have some imperfections. Upon close inspection, you may find small bubbles in the glass or minor scuffs. These imperfections will be completely invisible under normal operating conditions (i.e. a darkened room).

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“Continuum Series” ↓

The Ultimate Plasma Globe

Our “Museum Series” Plasma Globe lineup has gotten a major upgrade!

The All-New “Continuum Series”

The Aurora Plasma Design flagship product for over 10 years, our 15-inch “Museum Series” globe has received a series of upgrades to make it better than ever! With our new “Continuum Series,” the plasma globe body has been completely redesigned with a number of improvements.

Stylish, Black Wood Base

We’ve always wanted to make a globe with a black base, but all our attempts have inevitably resulted in the wood grain disappearing, making the base appear to be made from plastic. We finally figured it out though! Our new bases are black “ebonized” ash, which retains the wood grain while giving that sought-after black color that so many people have asked us for.

Premium Controls

Our Continuum Series globes have replaced the previous plastic knobs with luxurious machined aluminum knobs, the kind you might see on high end audio equipment. Paired with these knobs is a new high quality carbon potentiometer, which provides a buttery smooth feel and precise control over the plasma display.

We’ve also added a separate on/off switch with a built-in, dimmed LED indicator. The separate power switch makes ignition of the plasma gasses much more reliable, especially with our more power-hungry globes like “Emerald Fury” and “Promethean Fire.”

12" Continuum Series Globe

For the first time ever, we are offering a 12-inch version of our Professional Plasma Globes! Initially available in “Genesis” style, with “Promethean Fire” coming soon, and more styles coming in the future!

The Same Dazzling Effects

“Continuum Series” globes have the same effects that are proven and loved by our many customers. We are initally offering the 15-inch Continuum Series in “Genesis” and “Emerald Fury” styles, with “Promethean Fire” coming soon.

One Final Touch

We have always considered the controls to be on the back side of the globe, but many customers like having the controls on the front, and having the power input in the same place was an inconvenience. To solve this, we have now moved the power receptacle to the underside of the globe, allowing you to position the globe however your want without the cord getting in your way!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Robert C.
An amazing work of art.

When I was a child I saw my first plasma sculpture at the Boston Museum of Science. For years I wanted my very own. The Emerald Fury sculpture truly is a work of art. It's color and the energy inside is simply amazing. I look forward to enjoying my Emerald Fury for years to come. The construction quality, size and beauty are simply breathtaking. The photos and videos don't do these sculptures justice. Trust me on this. You won't be disappointed!

Bob K.
Blending Aurora and Lightning

Greetings. I recently placed an order for the "Emerald Fury" plasma globe. My purchase was promptly processed and before long, "Emerald Fury" was lighting up my home! My plasma globe arrived in perfect shape and was packed with care. The quality of the globe and woodwork are first-rate. However, the intensity of the display really shines, far exceeding my expectations. I have plans to use the globe in several ways and photography of the unit has been a thrill. Thanks for such a quality product that is a joy to behold! I'll send photos in the near future. Thank you for such a fantastic plasma globe!

We are very happy that our globe met your expectations. We look forward to your pictures. When we photogragh the globes we take great care in presenting them as closely as possible to what the customer will see in their enviroment. Using a little more latitude and artistic intent I'm sure your pictures will blow ours away! Thank you for your purchase. Jerry Mackey - Aurora Plasma Design

Kevin G.
Emerald Fury

I built my first tesla coil 30 years ago and began experimenting with plasma globes shortly after. The Emerald Fury plasma globe is a work of art. The build quality is excellent!

Emerald Fury

Bravo! What a Globe! Love the new all-wood base design-it is fantastic and an amazing piece of love art! This is my 2nd plasma and won’t be my last!!

Arrived as promised. Fabulous

Arrived as promised. Fabulous

Trevor Q.
Emerald fury plasma globe

Chaos!.... fun globe to play with and just look at.... soft green hue I turn it on low and use it as a night light in my bathroom..... base has a nice elegant feel to it.... globe feels very upscale.... well worth the money

Daniel C.
Emerald Fury

Awesome product, great service from accommodating and friendly staff! Great savings on “scratched” inventory, which is barely noticeable, especially when turned on in a dark room. Love the Fury!

Hope C.
Very cool and a GREAT

Very cool and a GREAT addition to my science classroom!