Plush Tiger

He’s back and more gorgeous than ever!
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger
Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger

Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger

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Calen C. (Rancho Cordova, US)

Just like many of the other reviews, I was NOT expecting to buy a life sized tiger plush AT ALL. I recently went to the zoo and was fascinated by the tigers, and out of curiosity I looked up how much a life sized plush one would be, and as I searched and searched I finally found out that this company was the only one that made them. The price really deterred me from even considering it, but as the week went on I kept coming back and looking at the pictures... I wondered, "how cool would it be to just have this unusually massive piece of art in my house?" I then started dreaming about it every night... so I finally decided I was going to get it! The hard part was convincing my wife. She thought I was silly, and yeah she was right. But that didn't change the fact that I was determined to get it, and after a lot of clever persuasion and begging she finally gave in and now I HAVE IT AND WOW IT IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!! As soon as it was taken out of the box my wife admitted that it was worth every penny. Let me tell you, this thing feels ALIVE. The detail is remarkable and the material is high quality. The plush feels pleasantly firm as a tiger should, yet the fur is ridiculously soft. Every night I stare at it and pet it's gorgeous face, and it leaves me with the majestic feeling of having the true king of the jungle in my home. I am very satisfied with my tiger but I'm heartbroken that it doesn't come in white... please let me know if you ever restock the white ones because I will gladly go through the bone-crushingly difficult task of convincing my wife to let me get one again. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and I hope you consider my request. ❤ PS: My wife told me to mention that this thing sheds a ton. But don't worry, vacuuming it helps a lot and it sheds way less now. 👍

Mike M. (Thermopolis, US)
Bigger than life!

Big, beautiful, and very life-like. My granddaughter loves it almost as much as I do!

C.H. (Mustang, US)
Completely Massive

I bought this tiger as sort of "companion" to my other very large 7 foot long tiger plush. And I didn't expect it to absolutely tower over the other one! I was a bit skeptical of buying, since for some reason there's absolutely zero reviews that have pictures, and no videos made on the thing. (I would if I had a good camera.) At least none in English that I could find. And I was sitting there like- "I'm supposed to buy a 700$ tiger with almost no customer feedback other then some 8 year old reviews?" Well, I can gladly say I'm more then happy with my risk taking. The paw from my Aurora Plasma tiger is literally 3x the size of my own hand! It's an absolute monster of a stuffed animal, in a good way. And it's so soft! Softest plush I've ever bought, and I collect plushes! It was super easy to re-stuff, it's just a very heavy plush even before getting re-stuffed. You literally might need help just transporting him he's so heavy, and that's not a downside as it stays where you want it.

So now, Mr Tiger sitting next to me while I type this. All I'm thinking is that I would go broke and run out of room in my house if Aurora Plasma happened to release more plushes of this size and quality. This tiger might as well be part of my family now, he's larger then I am. Trust me, if you've ever wanted to own a stuffed animal bigger then you, this is your best bet. You guys rock!

emanuel g. (Santa Clara, US)
My new friend!

Fantastic Bengal Tiger, yes he is HUGH!
The shipping was fast BC Canada => CA USA.
This was a well worth while purchase, you will never find another one like it.
Thank You

Loved this PLUSH

Product came in mail on time and the box is huge. upon opening it I noticed how much bigger the tiger looks in the picture. the instructions seem complicated but its simple to get downpacked upon your first try. surprised my girlfriend with this and until this day she still cant stop talking about how big the tiger is. its extremely durable and a rare asset to have around the house (I got mines in white which is sold out :}) the detail is amazing down to the 4 ft tail and it is firm around the arms and legs with options to make it softer or harder. overall I love this animal sheds at first when recieving it but overall manageable if you take care of it. a real part of a family and the perfect gift for tiger lovers.

and by the way the quality and structure of the animal is DEFINITELY worth the price. bigger stuffed animals run about 200+ so a lifesized tiger would of course have to be more which was fine because the fine quality, soft fur, and great detail makes it all worth it.

Great Looking Tiger

Its a Best Tiger Out their but their are few Pros and Cons.

Pros: Huge Looking Tiger ,and Looks Realistic other then In Picture Front Face Looks a bit of Cartoonist but in Reality ,Its looks Great.

-Will Look a Best outside the House ,such as Backyard or Garden. It will sure Attract Drivers ,Pedestrians ,etc.

-If anyone has seen first time ,Some Fear and Excited at the same time..Like my Nephew Jumped when he show the Tiger at the front door hahaha.

Cons: - Hairs seems to coming of the tiger as you pat him or if you are carrying from one room to other and will stick to clothes. Maybe Vacuum may help (Haven't Tried it Yet) as i find Hazardous to Toddlers.

-Price is a Bit Higher.

I couldn't be happier with my new Life-Size Bengal Tiger

7 ft. + 4 ft. tail (11 ft.) LIFESIZE Bengal Tiger In-Depth Review:
First off, I would like to say, I had NO original intention to buy a large plush tiger AT ALL!
Late one evening, while doing online research on Bengal Tigers for my art project, I accidentally came across Specialty Toys Direct's Life Size tiger which caught my attention.
As soon as I saw it, I couldn't believe the impressive size and attention to detail from the photographs and video on their website. A sudden impulse of "shiny ball syndrome" came over me and I just HAD to have one! ... Don't ask why, I just did!
I gave it some "serious thought" over 12 hours, then `bit the bullet' and placed my order online. (Now all I had to do was tell my partner what I had just purchased and what to expect. I plan to drop the cost very nonchalantly only after it arrives, Oh Boy!
I'm sure I'm going to be in "some sort of trouble" for this one! I am on a fixed income disability pension, so this was definitely an extravagant purchase for me.

Shipping time:
A speedy 4 business days later, (from Burnaby BC to Toronto On) UPS showed up at my door with my eagerly awaited boxed tiger. (Shipping weight 22.6 lbs.)
Considering the massive size of the tiger, and the extra stuff that was all included and knowing what to expect from the website & video, I was still amazed at the relatively compact size of the shipping box. (Box Dimensions: H: 20" x W: 15" x L: 24"

Upon opening the box, I found the large bag of polyester stuffing on top, together with electric air pump, repair kit and a very informative step by step instruction manual. After going over the instructions, I carefully removed the large plush tiger skin from the box, careful not to disturb the inflatable liner already inside, and laid it out on the ground, as per the instructions.

Setting Up:
Setting up the tiger was a breeze, as the included step by step instructions was extremely easy to follow and completely fool proof. (If only all instruction manuals were as easy to follow as this!)
I made sure the liner was properly in position before inflating. I did ad some more of the polyester filling that was provided.
Setup took approximately 30 minutes, from box to a fully inflated & cortrectly stuffed tiger, ready for the camera. I couldn't wait to take some photographs and also see my dog Lucy's reaction.

The inflatable liner appears to be of a good quality and should be every bit as durable, as claimed.
The faux fur used for the skin is your typical plush toy quality, feels great & looks very realistic.
Overall quality and attention to detail is outstanding, down to the perfect color blending, good coloration, and very realistic looking stripe pattern throughout and nice paw pad detail. The overall proportion is excellent and the actual size is that of a full size adult male Bengal Tiger - "HUGE!"

Wild Bengal Tiger size & weight facts:
Full grown adult males average between 110" and 120" from nose to tip of tail
Average weight of full grown adult males is 488 lbs.
Full grown adult females average between 94" and 104" from nose to tip of tail
Average weight of full grown adult females is 308 lbs.

Although I had some reservations in the beginning, having to drop almost $500 including Shipping and HST (Canada), during a "shiny ball syndrome" moment, for something I wasn't even looking for or needed in the first place, or could really afford for that matter, however as soon as I saw this very large and impressive tiger in person, all set up, my reservations immediately "flew out the window, faster than a pork chop in an Authodox Synagogue.
This awesome tiger is an absolute "STEAL" at the price and definitely worth every penny IMHO. Everything you need to set up is included, electric air pump, puncture repair kit and extra polyester filling if required.
This is one very impressive, shrinkable, true to LIFE SIZE and highly detailed plush Bengal Tiger, which I would highly recommend to anyone without hesitation. You won't be disappointed and you will surely be the envy of your family, friends and visitors, as I am.

URL to my webshots album (detailed photos of Tiger):

Speciality Toys Direct
This was my very first time doing business with Specialty Toys Direct and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They were very friendly and personable when I called to make an enquiry by phone (toll free) as to availability of their brown tiger, which was showing no available stock online. They happened to have one in stock for me and they had my tiger shipped the same day my online order was received by them. I would without hesitation, recommend and do business with Speciality Toys Direct again.
Now I want a white Siberian Tiger, when I can afford it, perhaps for Christmas. "You hear me Santa?"

Very impressed and satisfied customer
Toronto Canada

Excellent Purchase

The life-size tiger was used at an event with over 500,000 people with ages ranging from infants to 'well-above their 70s'! The tiger was a really big hit! We allowed people to take photos with it, they plopped down on it, picked it up, squatted next to was completely durable. Set-up was a piece of cake! Especially since everything you need is provided in the box! I am very pleased with our purchase! I did not rank it for educational value because I did not purchase it for this purpose.

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Our beautiful Lifesize Plush Bengal Tiger is like nothing you've seen! He’s over 3 feet tall lying down, and a full 11 feet long from paw to tail! Owning this tiger will be like having a piece of the Jungle in your house. Visitors will automatically hand you their phones to take a picture of them with your new pet.

For years, these tigers were an immensely popular item for us and we sold them to customers all over the world. As prices for materials started to rise, our factory decided that they needed to change to a cheaper material. We were not happy with the replacement fabric and decided to discontinue the tiger rather than offer an inferior product. Now, after pressuring the factory, our tigers are available again and the fabric is even nicer than the original.

The key to our earlier success was finding a way to ship this giant stuffed toy by regular shipping companies. The tigers were simply so big they had to be shipped by truck lines. We came up with a solution back then, though—by replacing some of the polyester stuffing with a vinyl inflatable lining, we were able to shrink the tiger to fit it in a box!

Our new solution is even better, even though the shipping cost is a bit more. The tigers now have a 12 inch zipper along the bottom backside seam. which allows us to remove enough of the polyester filling so that the tiger will fit in the largest acceptable box for shipping by UPS. The removed polyester is then shipped in a second box, and can be quickly and easily stuffed back into the tiger once you receive it.

Lifelike Plush Features

Wonderful attention to detail makes this tiger one of the most realistic stuffed animals you can find. (And don't worry, no tigers were harmed in the making of these giant stuffies!) The true-to-life stripes and body coloration, the natural pose, and the life-like sculpted face will have people asking you: “Is it Real?” Kids will love petting the tiger's downy-soft fur, and they are sure to have hours of enjoyment going on their very own jungle safaris with their newfound friend.

Our plush Bengal Tiger will amaze your friends and family, and will be a well-loved addition to your household for years to come.

Caution: Allowing passersby to glimpse your tiger from the street may result in unwanted attention from Law Enforcement or Wildlife Services!

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