Promethean Fire - Very Active  (21-OK6)
Promethean Fire - Very Active  (21-OK6)
Promethean Fire - Very Active  (21-OK6)
Promethean Fire - Very Active  (21-OK6)

Promethean Fire - Very Active (21-OK6)

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As you can see by watching the presentation of our "Promethean Fire" globes elsewhere on our site the typical globe is a combination of bluish and white effects.  This globe is similar but quite a bit more active, approaching the frantic effects of our Emerald Fury globe.  It still behaves like a Promethean Fire, producing long white tendrils when touched and long rope-like effects but the tendril movements are different enough from our presentation video that we felt this globe should be presented on its own.

Please review our presentation of a regular Promethean Fire to read about the other features and caveats regarding this series of globes.

Customer Reviews

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Extremely good service and support!

I had been looking for quite awhile for the right Plasma experience to enjoy and share with company. The plasma products offered at Aurora Plasma Design really impressed me and they had the larger sized globes in many cool colors as well.

And the best part is that Jerry picked up the phone and answered all of my questions without making me feel less knowledgeable than anyone else. More importantly he guided me to the perfect design for me...

I would recommend Aurora Plasma Design's to anyone looking to get the right piece to display for there home.

Gary Fort Collins, Colorado

Mind blowing!!

I'm flabbergasted at the quality Aurora puts into their products!! From the hardwood base to the huge 15 inch globe that is made from very thick glass. The plasma effects on this one are second to none!! Beautiful green tendrils with a hint of red at the tips turning white when globe is touched. Totally worth every red cent!!

I was blown away !

Absolutely a stunning piece. Quality... Quality... Quality. Beautiful heavy wooden base. Thick glass. Strong beautiful plasma effect. This globe makes a statement. So relaxing to watch.
My only suggestion is to put the numbered plaque on the front (instead of the back) of the base, as it shows the series number, the number of globes in that series, and the globe number.
Also great customer service and communication from Jerry.
Could not be happier with my purchase.

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