“Junior Series” Mark 2 Plasma Globe

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New for 2021!

Since we began making plasma globes in 2008, our mission has been to provide large, museum-quality globes at an affordable price. Even still, we often receive requests for even more affordable globes that would be suitable for casual or younger plasma enthusiasts.

The Aurora Plasma Design Difference

High-Quality Mixes

Our 8-inch diameter “Junior Series” globes use the same high-quality gas mixtures as our large “Museum Series” globes. We’ve worked hard to make sure that the color and action of the plasma effects are just as stunning as those of our professional models, at a fraction of the regular cost.

Tuneable Effects

In an industry first for small consumer globes, our “Junior” Globes have an adjustable power knob to dial in the exact effects you like best. Our globes are also powered by a 12v 1000mA power supply, giving your globe twice the power of the 500mA power supplies consumer globes use.

Redesigned Base

Our newly designed custom base features a subtly embossed Aurora Plasma Design logo as a mark of authenticity and quality. We think your globe should look just as attractive when it's sitting idle as when you are using it, and we designed it with this ideal in mind.

Using your Globe in a Bright Room

The best way to display your plasma globe is in a darkened room, but that’s not your only option! With the help of a dark background, your globe can also be viewed in a bright environment like a science lab or an office lobby. The video below shows our globes under various lighting conditions.

The perfect accessory!

“Magic Plasma Wands”

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4 Exclusive Effects

Each one totally unique

We have successfully adapted 4 of our exclusive effects from our professional “Museum Series” plasma globes into the smaller form factor of our new “Junior Series” globes. Now you can enjoy these stunning effects at a fraction of the previous cost!